About Us

About US

Our company  was established in 2015 by the largest and most successful cattle breeders of Estonia. The main objective of the union is to promote the sale and breeding of beef animals.

In the course of years, we have sold thousands of bovine animals for fattening, breeding and meat production, and we have collaborated with more than 200 different cattle breeders. In addition to cattle breeders, one of the founding members of the union is a non-profit association called Estonian Beef Breeders Association which unites more than 400 beef breeders in Estonia. The target markets of the union include countries both within and outside the European Union.
Our cattle breeders use the best breeding material and have made great investments to create better conditions for animals. We always offer the best animals that meet the requirements of regular as well as organic farming.

Our union includes the best farms of Estonia which raise the following breeds:
Hereford (Hf),
Aberdeen Angus (Ab),
Simmental (Si),
Limousine (Li),
Charolais (Ch).

We are open to cooperation and any feedback